The English Patient

My best friend Mariam gave me that book in 1997, I was in my first year in college, she went to study at McGill's in Canada, it was our first summer vacation after school..She said that book was a best seller and the movie was a big hit, I went to see the movie and I hated it, I was 18 then..Five years ago, someone borrowed the book and returned it two years ago, I finally read it last month!

What do you hate most?

A lie. What do you hate most?

Ownership. Being owned. When
you leave, you should forget me.

She freezes, pulls herself away, out of the bath, looks at him, then SLAPS HIM VERY HARD across the face.

It was time to watch that movie again, after I finished the book.. I did two days ago and I loved it this time.. It did break my heart though. The book was sure better than the movie, it had another charm!

Don't go over it again, please.

He takes her hands, lays his cheeks into them, then releases them, gets up, walks away. She walks towards the gate. He calls after her.

Katharine -

He walks towards her, his smile awful.

I just wanted you to know.
I'm not missing you yet.

She nods, can't find this funny.

You will. You will.

I love the music of that movie, an amazing soundtrack! I kept singing cheek to cheek for 4 hours straight!

Don't you know you drove everybody mad?

Don't talk.

Katharine (gasping)
You speak so many bloody languages
and you never want to talk.

They stagger on. He suddenly notices a stain of gold at her neck. It's saffron, leaking from a silver THIMBLE which hangs from a black ribbon.

Almásy (overwhelmed)
You're wearing the thimble.

Of course. You idiot. I always wear it.
I've always worn it. I've always loved you.

Almásy CRIES as he walks - huge sobs, no words - convulsed with the pain of it. They approach the Cave.

I think men are stupid.. human beings in general.. we just let the most important things slip away and we surrender without a fight

Tell me about this, this is in your
handwriting - December 22nd -
Betrayals in war are childlike
compared with our betrayals during
peace. New lovers are nervous and
tender, but smash everything - for
the heart is an organ of fire...

(she looks up)
I love that, I believe that.
(to him)
Who is K?

K is for Katharine.

Very beautiful and so so sad…

I was taught such things by the desert..


All of us, even those with European homes and children in the distance, wished to remove the clothing of our countries. It was a place of faith. We disappeared into landscape. Fire and sand. We left the harbours of oasis. The places where water came to and touched ... Ain, Bir, Wadi, Foggara, Khottara, Shaduf. I didn't want my name against such beautiful names. Erase the family name! Erase nations! I was taught such things by the desert."Ladislaus de Almásy - The English Patient, by Michael Ondaatje"

When dreams turn into nightmares!

No.. Don't get me wrong, I'm not that depressed, it's a movie I watched last night (A good friend's recommendation)
Requiem for a dream, by Darren Aronofsky ..

It's useless to tell you the story now, I just have to say, it's a very depressing movie that you should see! Stunning visuals, excellent directing, haunting music.. It's very painful especially by the end of it..
The word Requiem means "the funeral mass", ouch.. don't you think?? You see in the movie what happens to the dreams of four people over 3 seasons, summer, fall and winter.. how the degradation happens.. Everybody's on drugs too ..
Wanna see how it feels, try the official website !

A must see .. Bab el Shams .. Door to the Sun .. La Porte du Soleil

bab el shams

يبكي و يضحك لا حزناً و لا فرحاً

كعاشق خط سطراً في الهوى و محاه
قلب تمرس في اللذات و هو فتى
كبرعم لمسته الريح فانفتح


يبكي و يضحك
أغنية فيلم باب الشمس
كلمات الأخطل الصغير