Collage & recycling

Floppy disk notepad. I got the idea from and took it further with some collage on the floppies, filled it with misprinted drafts instead of printer paper, I also changed the place of the loops because I didn't want to drill new holes in the disks.

That amazing Banksy!


I don't need to say a lot about Banksy.. I love Banksy .. and you could check his work on his official website or in the long listing on his wikipedia page..

I just couldn't help posting this statement from the online shop on his website:

"Everything in the shop is free, simply download the file and process the artwork as per the serving suggestion."

He's amazing.. and lucky me.. my sweet friends gave me on my birthday a book about Banksy :)

Filling my heart with…

Just like us.. she’s normal


She's not fat, she's not thin, she doesn't have fabulous abs.. she's not a model and she's beautiful just like that!

Statue by Abdel Badie Abdel Hay ( 1916-2004), an artist who never studied art. A retrospective exhibition of some of his works is now held at Gezira art center, for how long.. I don't know, go now!

Design guru in Cairo

Karim Rashid in Cairo

I met the guru today! Yep, Karim Rashid himself!

He gave a lecture about design at the Cairo Opera House and he was just brilliant.

He defined Design, talked about how Method started with 3 people and half a million USD capital and jumped to 400 million in 4 years and how design had a crucial role in this. How the Oh chair came out and why it came out his way. Oh ChairHow the change in attitudes and behaviour could emerge or shut down a percentage of an industry. He said that the big companies especially competition is very tough and to stay on top, they have to remain on the cutting edge.

What I liked the most was his statement "Technology has empowered individuals".. that is those who use their personal computers to produce music or art, blogs, small companies..

I read this morning in his karimanifesto that part "My real desire is to see people live in the modus of our time, to participate in the contemporary world, and to release themselves from nostalgia, antiquated traditions, old rituals, kitsch and the meaningless." ..... It makes so much more sense when you hear it direcly from him, that style relates to the past while design relates to the present and in all his designs, he's reflecting our current situation.

In brief, it was very insightful, I know I came out of that hall happier and more inspired than when I got in.

Thank you Karim for such an inspiring presentation and for being so nice and signing my book :)

Karim press conference CairoHowever.. during the press conference, he had to hear opinions from the kind I normally identify as bizantine discussions, people who have tiny visions and who probably looked at the guy in the pink suit and the silver shoes and thought he was crazy! You see karim.. "we" think we know best.. "we" think we are always right.. that's why "we" are so much behind! so.. Karim, don't let them get to you.. float above the bullshit.. it's survival 101 in Cairo!

BTW: Karim Rashid has established concepts and is currently designing furniture for 6 Egyptian companies.. yes.. we're trying to export and we need new concepts to be competitive..

Bottom line.. I haven't had that big of a smile on my face since the solar eclipse last year! It was great :)

Karim press conference Cairo

And remember fellow bloggers.. Technology has empowered the individuals :D

PS: I know the quality of the photos suck.. I didn't know I could bring a cam.. and apparently.. I could've.. I so missed my canon today, the focusing, the exposure, the touch of the lens.. I hate the phone's camera!


عفواً.. لا يوجد مَخرج


مسرحية فرقة السطوح في المهرجان بالمركز الثقافي الفرنسي

اليوم 15 يناير - الساعة 6:30 و تعاد في الساعة 8:30



The magnificent Dalí

The magnificent Dal�

سافرت بأحبه و رجعت بأموت فيه

My favorite paintings

I kinda followed Dalí in every city I visited.. and I saw my favorite paintings live..

The first one I saw was in Cologne in a temporary exhibition at the Ludwig museum.. that was the Crucifixion above.. tears came to my eyes.. I couldn't believe it was really there in front of me, I was so happy. Too bad, no photos were allowed there!

Then I visited the Espace Montmartre which holds one of his biggest museums, it was mostly graphic art and bronze sculptures

And finally in Spain, I took a 2 hours train from Barcelona to Figueres his hometown where I visited the Teatro-Museo Dalí which he inaugurated in 1974..

Teatro-Museo Dal� - Figueres

And guess what.. I saw my other favorite.. Galatea of the Spheres.. the photo is a bit shaken.. cause it's forbidden to use the flash.. but hey. that's me with Galatea!

And finally, this is my gift to you for your desktops.. the painting on the ceiling of the Wind Palace (1972-1973).. enjoy!

Click to enlarge - Wind Palace

The Louvre is mine!


OK.. so I insisted the RF on the ceiling stood for my initials.. my friend insisted it referred to République Française..

I still insist.. The Louvre is mine :))) Yes.. that includes all what's inside too!

My Dadaism!