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i can read is a cool inspirational blog of images with words. redesigned :D

Finally and after I moved the blog to Drupal last april, I wrote a new theme for it :)
I still have to add some buttons, but they could come later; I'm currently satisfied with the outcome.
Now excuse me, I have to go finish some piled up work and meet some deadlines!


I didn't know that font was called Trajan, he does have a point though, it's been on almost every movie.

Design guru in Cairo

Karim Rashid in Cairo

I met the guru today! Yep, Karim Rashid himself!

He gave a lecture about design at the Cairo Opera House and he was just brilliant.

He defined Design, talked about how Method started with 3 people and half a million USD capital and jumped to 400 million in 4 years and how design had a crucial role in this. How the Oh chair came out and why it came out his way. Oh ChairHow the change in attitudes and behaviour could emerge or shut down a percentage of an industry. He said that the big companies especially competition is very tough and to stay on top, they have to remain on the cutting edge.

What I liked the most was his statement "Technology has empowered individuals".. that is those who use their personal computers to produce music or art, blogs, small companies..

I read this morning in his karimanifesto that part "My real desire is to see people live in the modus of our time, to participate in the contemporary world, and to release themselves from nostalgia, antiquated traditions, old rituals, kitsch and the meaningless." ..... It makes so much more sense when you hear it direcly from him, that style relates to the past while design relates to the present and in all his designs, he's reflecting our current situation.

In brief, it was very insightful, I know I came out of that hall happier and more inspired than when I got in.

Thank you Karim for such an inspiring presentation and for being so nice and signing my book :)

Karim press conference CairoHowever.. during the press conference, he had to hear opinions from the kind I normally identify as bizantine discussions, people who have tiny visions and who probably looked at the guy in the pink suit and the silver shoes and thought he was crazy! You see karim.. "we" think we know best.. "we" think we are always right.. that's why "we" are so much behind! so.. Karim, don't let them get to you.. float above the bullshit.. it's survival 101 in Cairo!

BTW: Karim Rashid has established concepts and is currently designing furniture for 6 Egyptian companies.. yes.. we're trying to export and we need new concepts to be competitive..

Bottom line.. I haven't had that big of a smile on my face since the solar eclipse last year! It was great :)

Karim press conference Cairo

And remember fellow bloggers.. Technology has empowered the individuals :D

PS: I know the quality of the photos suck.. I didn't know I could bring a cam.. and apparently.. I could've.. I so missed my canon today, the focusing, the exposure, the touch of the lens.. I hate the phone's camera!


My Dadaism!

I want one of those!

This is a Superblob

Designed by Karim Rashid, he's a top Egyptian-British, New York based designer
It looks so comfy, no??
Ok, hold your breath, it starts from $1300. Can we afford it?? no?? you sure?? Too bad.. I was planning to receive one for my birthday..

What do you think it might be??


An alien? a spacecraft? a drop in the occean of light? a sea creature? a photoshop effect? or something else??
Tell me what you think..