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i can read is a cool inspirational blog of images with words.

DailyLit: Read books by email or RSS!!

Awesome find of today!
DailyLit is a website packed with books (paying and free, lots of free ones though). Once you choose a book that you'd like to read, you'll find it divided into installments. You simply subscribe via email or rss. You get to decide the frequency and time of receipt of the feed or email.
So, for the next 217 days, I'll be reading "Don Quixote" :)
The nice thing is I get the big chunky book broken into small daily reads, I love the idea!!

(via Geek Sugar)

The Ames room

I discovered the ames room 2 months ago when I was on

ames1 ames3

The basic idea is to make objects or people moving in the room appear as if they got bigger or shrinked. I decided to make a cardboard model according to this instructable and share it with you.

Time to confess.. the artsy style

I came across this site while reading design blogs (Can't remember where exactly!)
come clean
It's very intersting, turn the volume up and give it some time to load, you won't regret it!

When dreams turn into nightmares!

No.. Don't get me wrong, I'm not that depressed, it's a movie I watched last night (A good friend's recommendation)
Requiem for a dream, by Darren Aronofsky ..

It's useless to tell you the story now, I just have to say, it's a very depressing movie that you should see! Stunning visuals, excellent directing, haunting music.. It's very painful especially by the end of it..
The word Requiem means "the funeral mass", ouch.. don't you think?? You see in the movie what happens to the dreams of four people over 3 seasons, summer, fall and winter.. how the degradation happens.. Everybody's on drugs too ..
Wanna see how it feels, try the official website !

Have fun!

My Painting at ArtPad!

choose the fastest play option because otherwise, it'll take a long time!
Wanna paint one.. go thereHave fun!

I’ve been nominated!

لقد رشحني أحد أصدقائي لأحسن بلوج عربي.. و بصراحة أنا أرى أنه أكثر من يستحق الفوز. فهو الذي اقترح علي من البداية أن أنشئ بلوج و هو الذي يدفعني دائماً لأحدثه و أملأه
أنا بكل صراحة لا أطمح حقاً إلى الفوز و لكن يسعدني أن أعرف أن هناك من يقرأ ما أكتبه و يرى ما أرسمه و أصوره. فشكراً لزيارتك
و شكراً لك يا رامي. و أنا أدعوكم لزيارة موقعه و التصويت له .. فهو ما زال كما ظننت دائماً : انسان ذو عقلية فذة