Egyptian coins from the 70's

I found these coins the other day, thought I'd share them here. Most of them issued for special events.

The Axolotl

This is the cutest animal I saw in a long time. The Axolotl,it is an underwater salamander. (First saw it on Dark Roasted Blend).


The Ames room

I discovered the ames room 2 months ago when I was on

ames1 ames3

The basic idea is to make objects or people moving in the room appear as if they got bigger or shrinked. I decided to make a cardboard model according to this instructable and share it with you.

The King has moved!

This statue has been around for thousands of years, it never suffered as much deterioration as much as in the last 50 years... You can guess what we Cairo citizens hold in our lungs and skins... Poor Ramses II and poor us!!

Ramses before the trip

At 10:30 PM, two and a half hours before moving, in the cab on my way to spend the night at a friend who lives next to Ramses Square..

We went 5 minutes late and when we arrived the crowd was cheering (and some crowd it was!) and the king had already started to move



Moving 2

Going ...

Ramses II is gone


I actually thought it would be moved slower.. it seemed to have taken 15 minutes for this distance, but may be it was the excitement that made it seem so short..

More photos to come later of the crowd, the people on the 6th of October bridge and the funny stories we heard.. One guy was actually waving in the street and screaming "Maa el salama ya Ramsis!" (Goodbye Ramses!)

محمود فارشيان … الساحر

ولد في مدينة أصفهان بإيران عام 1930
يستوحي لوحاته من الشعر الكلاسيكي، الأدب، القرآن، الكتب المقدسة المسيحية و اليهودية و خياله الخاص

Solar Eclipse


It was awesome, thank you Africano, Alif, Ghandy, Mostafa, M.Y. & Set Na3ama, it would've been impossible and not as much fun without you guys!!

group watch

The Eclipsers!!


El Fankoush: Invented by the guys to folllow the eclipse without looking at the sky all the time, it was awesome, it attracted lots of people too!

More photos: Africano & Mostafa

I want one of those!

This is a Superblob

Designed by Karim Rashid, he's a top Egyptian-British, New York based designer
It looks so comfy, no??
Ok, hold your breath, it starts from $1300. Can we afford it?? no?? you sure?? Too bad.. I was planning to receive one for my birthday..

Time to confess.. the artsy style

I came across this site while reading design blogs (Can't remember where exactly!)
come clean
It's very intersting, turn the volume up and give it some time to load, you won't regret it!

A “First Love” story.. written on the walls

I came across these in the ground floor of a building under construction today as I was walking, I just had to capture them


This seems like a family..


And this is one love story..

love story

This seems to be the same story.. R & A

God is Love

Note the inscription under the rose "God is love" and underneath another one " The first love"
It's so cute!