Sadness every summer night

He will be in his balcony every night of the summer, deep in his reflections, away from this world. It goes on till three, four or five in the morning sometimes.I can feel his burden but got no way to help.



The depressed people syndicate

- Can I take tomorrow off please?
- Why?
- I'm depressed..
- You're depressed? You're a disgrace to depression! If depressed people saw you they will fire you from their syndicate..
- Huh!
- You're a happy person!

The Rock chick

- I'm thinking about getting an electric guitar, the neck is narrower, it'll be easier to learn.
- If you get one, please move out!
- What?
- You're gonna be too much noise, you're already too much noise without the electric guitar.
(Someone suggests we soundproof the room of some sort)
- Oh, great. Can we soundproof the bathroom too, cause she's too loud in the shower!

The poor pound

- Oh, the poor pound. The dog ate most of it.
- Yeah, the poor pound indeed, it doesn't buy anything nowadays

The way it works..

You look better in my photos! Seriously, you do.. All of you!

They might tell you photography is about light, framing, camera, depth of field.. but I will assure you that it's about how you see people. The camera for some reason I haven't found out yet captures people the way I see them.

I check photos I took of some friends compared to their other photos and I see a difference.. they alway look more radiant in mine. As if I can get a soul print of how I perceive them.

My beloved friends.. I'm always happy to be of service .. as long as you call me your "Official Photographer".. nothing less ;)



"What is the truth?" ---- on one of the doors of the unfinished Sagrada Familia  basilica in Barcelona.


The Dancers


ذرة مشوية


لاكي يأكل الذرة المشوية

أخيراً لقينا حاجة الأستاذ بيحب يعضها أكتر من صوابع إيدينا

Paint the sky with…

The sun setting behind the mountains, leaving a red glow to the sea...

Solar Eclipse


It was awesome, thank you Africano, Alif, Ghandy, Mostafa, M.Y. & Set Na3ama, it would've been impossible and not as much fun without you guys!!

group watch

The Eclipsers!!


El Fankoush: Invented by the guys to folllow the eclipse without looking at the sky all the time, it was awesome, it attracted lots of people too!

More photos: Africano & Mostafa