The Axolotl

Wed, 04/30/2008 - 19:41

This is the cutest animal I saw in a long time. The Axolotl,it is an underwater salamander. (First saw it on Dark Roasted Blend).


  1. Deee (not verified) Says:

    You have a point! Its terribly cute!

  2. M@RV3L (not verified) Says:

    it's very it's colour

  3. Leftist Egyptian (not verified) Says:

    yekhrebeet gamal ahlo
    lives in salt or fresh water ?
    is it availabel in any aquarium stores in egypt
    ana 3yz mendaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    plz plz bgad if you know where to get it tell plzz

  4. shamoussa Says:

    I believe it lives in fresh water as it was found in lakes.
    Find more information about it in the wikipedia link in the post or in
    As to availability in Egypt.. I highly doubt, but people elsewhere keep them as pets.

  5. Mariam (not verified) Says:

    OMG !! , that is the cutest creature i've ever seen..and the color of it is so Pink !! sub7an ALLAH

  6. Sou (not verified) Says:

    It's more disturbing in a cute way, than it is just 'cute'. Hey, to each their own, haha. :)

    Mind you, I've got a soft spot for anything pink; disturbing or not. :p

  7. Azza (not verified) Says:

    loool.. it's like the ones in cartoons.. I love it, though I hardly ever like fish. Bravo for your cute sense of beauty..

    Missed you by the way.

  8. Rady (not verified) Says:

    Until I read the wikipedia entry about it. And I agree it looks cute in a disturbing way :-)

  9. natali (not verified) Says:

    I believe it lives in fresh water as it was found in lakes.