September 2008

May be there are no goodbyes

I miss her more than ever. I miss the long talks, the shopping trips, the breakfast outings and the warm hugs.
Although I have many friends, she remains the one shoulder I would like cry on most of the time.
She visited me this morning in a dream. I know she was there and that it wasn't merely a dream. We were at school and she was going to her fate, right after meeting me. I couldn't tell her anything, like in the movies where you're in the past and you can't prevent anything because it will change the future and have consequences. I tried to convince her not to go, that it wasn't necessary but she said she had to, otherwise if she postpones she'll be lazy and never go. With her usual sense of duty and her intact logic, I felt she was really there. I hugged her and told her many times that I loved her.
After all, I just wanted to see her one last time before she goes. Although it has been exactly 5 months since she left, it has been 7 since the last time I saw her.
I was already waking up and we didn't say goodbye yet. Half awake I told myself "there are no goodbyes".
I woke up happy, feeling she was there with me, I was even eager to show her my office, she never visited it.

A weird Axl Rose like character crashed the dream near the end -probably because the alarm clock was playing guns n' roses at the time- he had long reddish hair with some blond and black locks. I asked him if he was of Irish origins and he responded that he was of Griffon origins!!

That was a song she liked, I can't listen to it without remembering her, it's a beautiful song too. Enjoy.
Jean-Jacques Laffont - Le Géant de papier