March 2006

Solar Eclipse


It was awesome, thank you Africano, Alif, Ghandy, Mostafa, M.Y. & Set Na3ama, it would've been impossible and not as much fun without you guys!!

group watch

The Eclipsers!!


El Fankoush: Invented by the guys to folllow the eclipse without looking at the sky all the time, it was awesome, it attracted lots of people too!

More photos: Africano & Mostafa

Old news.. Shakira very very bad!

OK, so it might be an old news but I recently found this article in a bilingual newspaper called "The Arab Ambassador" in last February's issue and I wanted to comment on it

arab ambassador

Click to read article

I'm not sure if the album is being marketed yet or no, but here are the lyrics of "How do you do" , it's quite a nice song actually!

My comment (or rather my question is) are we that unsure and weak that we have to ban anything different? Can a human bein offend the Almighty? Why can't we be given the freedom of choice? Can't we tell if it's OK to talk about God that way or no? Who is this distributor to think for me and decide that it's not OK that Shakira says to God that she will forgive Him if He forgives her!!

oral fixation

All my life I've been taught that we learn to be able to make our own choices, it's what I've done in every volunteer activity I've taken, prepare the children I was working with to make their own choices.

I think that it involves seeing all the alternatives and weighting things in the eyes of God and then choosing for themselves (having been given all the necessary data)

The song has actually parts of the Lord's prayer, I only heard of banning it in the middle east! If somebody heard it was banned somewhere else, please tell me..

This reminds me of the one time, one of my college buddies had to shave his goatie because the responsible thought it was inappropriate for the teens that my friend was serving in Sunday school to see their teacher (and role model) act like that..

I mean what's wrong with the goatie?? Oh sure.. it's very bad to be cool ;) And I thought then that one alternative has been taken away from these teens judgment.. cause someone made the choice for them and categorized the goatie as inapropriate!

Please.. let us think for ourselves! That's all I'm asking! Which means leave the song and let us say it's bad.. don't do it for us.. And please don't think that I'm comparing a goatie to the "inappropriate" song!

PS: While searching for any online link about the same issue to use here instead of the article's photo, I found this in a forum! Check out the cover censorship .. it's hilarious!

هكذا تكلم المحمودين

محمود سعد: طب اشرحلي كده، أنا مواطن من الشارع

محمود محي الدين: و أنا وزير من الشارع


البيت بيتك - القناة الثانية - 22 مارس 2006

I want one of those!

This is a Superblob

Designed by Karim Rashid, he's a top Egyptian-British, New York based designer
It looks so comfy, no??
Ok, hold your breath, it starts from $1300. Can we afford it?? no?? you sure?? Too bad.. I was planning to receive one for my birthday..

يوم جديد

أضاء الوميض فجأة، أضاء فملأ حياتي بالنور، أضاء فأعماني بنوره
لم أعد أرى إلا النور الذي يغطي كل شئ، لم أعد أنطق.. كأنما لم أعد أنا ذاتي
صرت أتلقى و لا أعبر.. كأنما لا أعرفني صرت لا أتكلم بعدما كان صوتي عالياً
أحببت الضوء و وددت لو ملأ حياتي إلى الأبد حتى لو كان قدري أن يمحوني
ثم إنطفئت الأنوار و لم أعد أرى شيئاً
فلا ضوئي و لا نور النهار و لا مفردات حياتي المألوفة
صار الكل غريباً عني و لم أعد أرى شيئاً و لا أسمع إلا صوت بكائي
فتحت عيوني على هذا النور الشاحب المتسلل عبر أطراف نافذتي المغلقة
فنهضت من رقدتي ألملم ما قد تشتت ثم حطمت قيودي و خرجت لأستمتع بشمس يوم جميل

Time to confess.. the artsy style

I came across this site while reading design blogs (Can't remember where exactly!)
come clean
It's very intersting, turn the volume up and give it some time to load, you won't regret it!

The perfect little cushion :)

I bought this cushion 2 days ago from the yearly exhibition of Akhmim and Hegaza, those are villages in Upper Egypt. The exhibition lasts until the 24th of march, their stuff is just beautiful, come on, you should visit!

my cushion

It is organized by the Assoiation of Upper Egypt for Education and Development, they hold this exhibition every year for their workshops in upper Egypt
It's mostly spontaneous art.. take a closer look.. yeah, spontaneity is awesome!!

cushion closeup

PS: Their location is in here..

A “First Love” story.. written on the walls

I came across these in the ground floor of a building under construction today as I was walking, I just had to capture them


This seems like a family..


And this is one love story..

love story

This seems to be the same story.. R & A

God is Love

Note the inscription under the rose "God is love" and underneath another one " The first love"
It's so cute!

My stuff

I have really nothing to write these days.. so I thought I'll just write something about me.. as if it wasn't about me in the first place ;)

* I wished I had an Arabic name; I could've been a Farida or a Nour
* I once wrote a letter to Matthew Perry, telling him to watch "run Lola run" and complaining that "Troy" was a very long movie and that it's good I missed the first 30 mins.
*A week later I went to see Troy again, turns out that I missed the first 45 mins
* I adore Eric Bana
* I missed the first 30 mins of "The chronicles of Narnia" but didn't think about going again
* I wrote Perry that letter in a time when FRIENDS were my only good friends!
*The letter returned undeliverable, ok.. this is the last I'll write about that stupid letter!
* I can connect stuff together and get to conclusion before others do
* I'm very moody
* Chocolate and Coffee are the best things God created, combine them together.. it's heaven!

* I can't read newspapers
* I love the cartoons though
* The background photo of this blog is the actual photograph of the my bedroom's walls, the golden sun in the title is hanging on my wall
* I rarely wear any makeup
* I'm very lazy
* I hate bestsellers, I consider them parts of the cultural trends around us, I don't like to follow the flock!
* I did read "The Da Vinci Code" and "Omaret Yacoubian" though, I was curious to see what the fuss was all about, I liked the books actually
* The conclusion I got is : bestsellers are those books you really finish quickly.. as they say page turners..
* Page turners isn't always a good description .. it could mean more entertaining than intellectual!
* I cry when I see someone die in the news (especially war and explosion news), I cry in the movies, I'll cry sometimes because of the tragic end of a book.. in short, I'm what Egyptians call 2ou2a!

* I prefer reading printed pages than reading off the monitor
* I don't consider me reading Paulo Coelho is following a cultural trend, because I read the Alchemist before most people heard of it
* The book I had so much pain to finish was Coelho's "The Fifth Mountain", I was practically forcing myself to read
* Tootsie is one of my favorite movies.. call me a loser.. I don't care. GO Tootsie!
* As a kid, I just loved "Xanadu". I actually fantasized that I'll discover one day I'm a muse myself!
* I feel so nostalgic whenever they show a song or a dance from Xanadu on TV, I become a kid again
* My favorite Arabic movie.. for a drama queen like me.. "El shomou3 el sawda2" and "Ra7ma men al sama2"
* I love Hend Rostom
* I was a New Kids on the block fan in my early teens, it was mostly Jordan Knight
* Yes, there was a Michael Jackson phase too.. the Dangerous one..

* I hate discussing money; that's not a good thing in the professional field
* I love the sun so much; it's a sign of hope and renewal
* I prefer summer to winter because let's see, many things: my birthday is in the summer, the beach, the summer vacation, the long days and the fact that I don't have to wear layers of clothes
* I get really cold in the winter and I hate feeling cold and shivering
* I spend my money on technology more than clothes and makeup, that's sometimes why I think I'm boyish
* My favorite shoes are sneakers.. I wish I can go to work in jeans and sneakers
* I want a desk besides the window where I can get some sun, I'll put an orange flower in a blue vase on that desk
* I prefer comfort to style; I don't go in rags though
* I can wear the same pendant for 2 years everyday, I connect with my stuff
* I hate driving

* I want to buy a jeep wrangler
* Someday, I want to explore the Egyptian desert and drive off road
* I love brown bread and brown toast
* I've been vegetarian by choice for the past 5 years
* I have weird dreams
* Last night, I think I was telling someone in a dream that I miss meat so much, I really don't.. or may be I do and I don't know
* I think Coptic fasting time is food heaven for vegetarians, I should be ashamed of saying so with the fasting being a time of sacrifice and prayer but it's the only time of the year where I can find vegetarian burgers and cold cuts in the market and when all the fast food outlets offer veggie items!
* I mostly order fries at fast food restaurants, salad, pasta or pizza elsewhere.. yes I get bored of having to order the same foods . I guess I'm bored with most food actually
* I love foul, ta3meya and koshari verryyyy much
* I love felouka rides, I prefer the quiet ones actually (not when my friends start to sing out loud) that way, I get to listen to the water

* I love showing foreigners around
* I almost enrolled in the tourist guide's diploma last year for that same reason
* The biggest mistake of my life was studying pharmacy when I was supposed to be an artist
* Last year, I thought about writing a book, I won't put my title here though cause I might end up writing it, it contains all my little wisdoms!
* I love the rain; I hate the muddy streets and the ponds that follow it
* One summer I lay on my back on the grass and gazed at the stars with my friend Sara, it was one of the most beautiful things I've done in my life
* I love the silence and the quiet yet I'm the noisiest one at home, you can always hear loud music coming out of my room
* I love candles and incense
* Sometimes I light a candle and I shut my bedroom's door, I close my eyes and stay in the darkness.. with my lit candle
* I'm afraid of ghosts (or let's call them evil spirits)

* After I watched "The exorcism of Emily Rose", I kept waking up at night for like 3 nights, afraid to look at the hour.. I was sure it was 3 a.m. though
* I started to practice yoga when I was 17, I was always on and off, the problem is always that I can't fit it into my schedule
* I play the recorder, my parents hate it
* Brother Atef from the Jesuits helped me out with the recorder
* I performed twice solo in the Cairo Opera House small hall, and twice with a choir in the main hall .. that was singing and not the recorder
* I play a little guitar, just 3 chords
* I have the chords to Phoebe Buffay's "Smelly cat", I love to sing the rock version of it!
* I love Natacha Atlas' music
* My favorite Jean Michel Jarre albums are "Metamorphoses", "Chronology" and "Zoolook", I consider the track "C'est la vie" to be my all time favorite!
* I'm addicted to coffee, I give a bad name to Nescafe, I drink a cup and go immediately to bed

* I'm so small and yet I rarely wear high heels, they hurt and they're not good for the back
* I'm pretty much bored from blogging
* I love wearing vanilla scents
* I wish I had curly hair, actually I wish I was a gypsy like Esmeralda
* I want to have a cards and accessories label of my own someday
* I want to be on the Oprah show.. as a guest and not among the audience
* I think the human body is a masterpiece of art, that's why I'm OK with nude sculptures and paintings
* I seem pessimistic sometimes, but actually and deep down I have a rosy image of life
* One thing my friend used to say that I really like "It's all good"
* I learned a lot of new words since I started blogging, mostly cursing

* I have hazel eyes, I have a darker spot on one iris, I thought it was the rest of my pupil and that I had something wrong!
* I love to kneel when I pray
* I love Mohamed Mounir and Salah Jahin, recently Waguih Aziz too (thanks Bisso)
* I love listening to blues
* I love Macguyver, I almost carried duct tape with me because of him!
* I guess may be I got a Swiss knife because of him too!
* I'm a FRIENDS addict
* I quote Mr. Joey Tribiani when he says: "If you're gonna do something wrong, do it right!"
* I have a mythic tarot cards deck yet I can't memorize the cards!
* I hate playing cards

* I prefer puzzle games to strategy ones
* I started playing Sudoku 3 weeks ago, I think it's awesome. I got the link to the online game from Mostafa
* I was a leader of a youth movement in my school for 4 years after I graduated
* I absolutely felt what I was gonna miss when I quit that movement, I knew how precious were the times I spent with the kids
* I believe we only value what we have when we're about to lose it
* I'm not a children person, I like to watch them from a distance, I think I suck at dealing with kids, I like to respect their mentalities instead of faking being their age!
* I hope it'll be different with my children, that I would interact
* By children I mean the really young ones.. that is 0-5!
* I love the color blue.. all shades of blue
* I love the big handbags or the backpacks, I like to carry all what I might need

* Yes, I am an antibacterial gel, and wet wipes person.. you just never know when you might need one!
* I love photography, I participated in the last Sawy contest, they showed 5 out of my 6 submissions
* I love sketching and drawing
* I was never allowed to own pets.. that still applies, a dog is completely out of the question for mom
* I had very few pets, a chick named "Michael".. I' m sad to say, he died at the poultry shop, a white lab mouse named "Jamie" .. this one I adored, I gave her a proper funeral, burried in a carton box in front of the garage, I put a navy blue satin sheet underneath her. Last year I got fish, I had Hector, Iris and Persephone, I got one later to entertain the remaining Iris.. but they all died.. Unfortunately, this time; they were flushed down the toilet! It broke my heart to do so but.. C'est la vie!
* I don't want to get any more pets, cause I get emotionally attached to them and I feel responsible when they die.. may be I was careless sometimes
* I think we get pets because we need to take care of someone or something
* I want to visit the old people's asylum; I just want someone to come with me and then do it on regular basis
* I need to give; I think I have been so self-centered for a while
* This post proves it.. I've never written as much I in my entire life

Holding on to them

I'm the one holding them together.. I don't know how far will I hold on..
My tarot cards once said I'll eventually let go, the thing is the one reason then to let go has let go of me..
I'm not sure how long would I hold on and keep everyone together when I'm shattered into pieces myself..