February 2006

I was taught such things by the desert..


All of us, even those with European homes and children in the distance, wished to remove the clothing of our countries. It was a place of faith. We disappeared into landscape. Fire and sand. We left the harbours of oasis. The places where water came to and touched ... Ain, Bir, Wadi, Foggara, Khottara, Shaduf. I didn't want my name against such beautiful names. Erase the family name! Erase nations! I was taught such things by the desert."Ladislaus de Almásy - The English Patient, by Michael Ondaatje"

Spirit of the earth..

Cela est beau, cela est vraiment beau,
Moi, moi je suis l'esprit de la terre.
Les pieds de la terre sont mes pieds,
Les jambes de la terre sont mes jambes,
La force de la terre est ma force,
Les pensées de la terre sont mes pensées,
La voix de la terre est ma voix,
La plume de la terre est ma plume,
Tout ce qui appartient à la terre m'appartient,
Et tout ce qui entoure la terre m'entoure.
Moi, moi je suis les paroles sacrées de la terre,
Cela est beau, cela est vraiment beau.

Chant d'allégresse navajo

This is beautiful, this is really beautiful,
I, I am the spirit of the earth.
The feet of the earth are my feet,
The legs of the earth are my legs,
The force of the earth is my force,
The thoughts of the earth are my thoughts,
The voice of the earth is my voice,
The feather of the earth is my feather,
All that belongs to earth belongs to me,
And all that surrounds earth surrounds me.
I, I am the sacred words of the earth,
This is beautiful, this is really beautiful.

Navajo chant of joy

I look at my tired legs, my depleted force, my broken spirit and I wonder if the earth feels the same. I wonder whether she was the one who broke my spirit, or whether it was I who broke hers..

Just a question..

So, a tragic accident occurred and an Egyptian ferry sank in the Red Sea, carrying around 1400 person, 1000 are still missing..

On TV, they are urging people to donate to the victims and their families, a bank account has already been designated for this purpose and (they say) 10 million LE have already been collected.

Let me put it this way, a 35 years old ferry which is not qualified to sail, that does not carry enough life boats or life jackets, the crew abandoned the ferry when it started to sink and yet the Egyptian people have to donate for the victims sake??

So, somebody neglects their jobs, someone depends on "el baraka", a company violates safety measures and who gets to compensate the victims?? Egyptians..

Why don't we donate for the company that owns the ferry too?? I mean the poor bastards just lost one of their boats and killed 1000 human being!

I'm sorry, I have nothing against charity, but this is not a natural disaster, this is the result of terrible negligence and if somebody should pay, it is the company and definitely not the good Egyptian people!

Don’t just follow blindly, use your brains.. Buy Danish!


That is if you can afford it off course..

And speaking of Denmark, I'd like to introduce the beautiful drawings of this Danish artist.. Enjoy!

sad butterfly girl
NB: She draws some nudity and some affection, don't go if you're too sensitive!