June 2005

I’m about to burst!

I just discovered that "I'm surrounded by idiots!"
I think I'll burst..
I can't imagine.. These people.. so passive.. living in their little worlds and calling those who have a goal in life .. donkeys..
I can't take it anymore.. these narrow minded people .. who think they are the best thinkers.. who think they are living their best lives .. who actually think they are better than others.. when believe me they really aren't.. I know them!
Rabena yeshfy!! (May God heals them)

Night creature!

OK.. Who am I trying to fool here??
Life has proven that I am a night creature.. My brain functions at night, really late night..
Coming to review everything.. The best articles I wrote, the best sketches I ever made.. all were achieved in the first hours of the day!!
Can you imagine how hard it is to wake up every morning now??

Back in the days!!

Especially for Delingo as I promised..


That was a really special event, OK, it was Inji's birthday and we were in Sharm El Sheikh and we got an ice cream cake then a clever girl got the idea of sprinkling the foam (from the cake's packaging) and pretend it was snow.. I sure must say it was fun.. but we had quite a hard time getting rid of the foam pieces stuck in our hair.. it was hilarious!

بائع المناديل الورقية

بالأمس عند عودتي من العمل بالمترو، صادفت شاباً صغيراً أو بالأحرى طفلاً كبيراً يبيع المناديل الورقية في المترو
لفت نظري بملابسه الرثة المتسخة، و قلت لنفسي "أهي بدأت الأجازة و العيال نزلوا يبيعوا في المترو!" يللا ما علينا
ثم في المساء، اضطررت للنزول مرة أخرى (على عيني، أنا كنت مرهقة جداً) و أيضاً ركبت المترو و في طريق عودتي (حوالي الساعة 10 مساءاً) قابلته مرة أخرى
نفس الملابس الرثة، نفس المناديل الورقية
نظرت إلى نفسي و خجلت منها.. فأنا هذه الطفلة المرفهة، التي تشكو من هذا الصداع لأن يا حرام ضغطها واطي لأنها مرهقة، رجعت إلى منزلها، أكلت و جلست أمام التلفاز ثم بدلت ملابسها بأخرى لتقابل بعض الأصدقاء و هي تشكو نفس الإرهاق و الصداع
و هو من صباحية ربنا في الشارع، الله أعلم أكل إيه، ملابسه متسخة و الدنيا حر و مع ذلك مستمر حتى الليل في بيع المناديل
ثم ليزداد خجلي من نفسي، مد يده بخمسين قرشاً لسيدة كان تجمع التبرعات لمريض بسرطان البروستاتا، و عندما حاولت أن تثنيه عن عزمه، أصر بكل خجل أن تقبل منه
أشعر بداخلي بهذا التمرد.. لماذا هذا الولد في الشارع.. أراهن أنه يلقى أسوأ أنواع المعاملة و الكثير من الإحتقار في الشارع و المترو.. لماذا هو في الشارع بدلاً من أن يستمتع بأجازته (لو كان أصلاً) بيروح المدرسة.. أينعم كان رث الملابس و لكنه طيب القلب
اتفضلوا بقى لو سمحتم قولولي أعمل إيه؟؟ ممكن أساعده؟؟ أو حد زيه؟؟ إزاي؟؟

A thought..

It has just occured to me that..
"The world is a very big place"

In every little thing..

Every little thing reminds me of you..
Even if I spend a day completely on my own.. you fill my space..

Everytime I smell :"Rare Gold", Delingo is there
Everytime I go to Alex, I remember Sylvia
Everytime an Elissa song is playing, I remember Alaa
And when I listen to "You raise me up", I definetly see Mike
Everytime I pass by MIBank, I remember the Holding Co. days and the gang, everytime I eat from GAD too!
When I take a shower at a hotel.. I always remember the legionella song by Dr. R
And everytime I hear someone speak German, I remember Mina
Everytime I pass by MOMO, I remember Mohamed
and everytime I'm downtown. I have to call mom and see if she wants something..
When I listen to oldies, to Faudel, find something absolutely cute.. I know my sister would enjoy this with me
Everytime Jad or Yuri is on TV, I have to call Merro to turn her TV on
Jeeps remind me of shezo
The boyscouts, Inas Abdel Dayem, movies remind me of zouza
Every classic french book reminds me of Dalia, Carmen does too
And everytime somebody mentions Canada, McGill or I eat Kosa bechamel..I remember my best friend
When I smell Protex fresh.. I remember when I knew that I lost you..

Every little thing I do, everywhere I go, whatever I eat, the music I listen to.. everything reminds me of someone and I'm never alone..
cause you're always there with me..

Feeling stupid…


So.. I left home to work today, wearing black and expecting to find the streets so dark since everyone is motashe7 bel sawad.. At first, no one, I said to myself wait till we approach Tahrir, I'll notice the black clothing better, then we got to Tahrir square and.. nothing.. On the way back home.. still no one..
I actually noticed today that Egyptians were very brightly dressed, i never noticed that we are such colorful people until today and I can definetely assure you that Fuschia and Turquoise are in fashion!
I don't mind.. I don't want to interfere with what people do, I just felt like when going with your friends to a party and agreeing together we'll wear jeans and you get there to find everyone so dressed up and you're the only one in jeans!! well.. no one was in black.. However, I did discover I look a lot slimmer in black! I hope the next 7edad will not be in the swim suits!