May 2005

Feeling silly

I guess most of the Egyptian blogs I surf are very politically oriented.. I am just so dumb when it comes to politics.. I don't get it, I can't distinguish who's right and who's wrong... I can't take a side and I assume everyone is lying to look good.
Guys, I live in a different world and when I read other blogs, I feel really silly. I really prefer to write about the sky, the metro, the kindness or the stupidity of ordinary people, my career crisis, my favourite music.. stuff like that..
So, since I don't really like to "efti" about things I don't understand much, i'll just stick to writing about my own little world (which is cute by the way!) and I'll keep reading your blogs to cultivate myself..
So.. please put up with my world .. I might surprise you with really stupid posts (Compared to all the patriotic stuff elsewhere)

I was there..

It was a hot morning, it was a saturday and I was at the Egyptian museum with a couple of friends...
I must have been there for at least a dozen of times.. I adore this place, I find myself really there.. And here it was.. An explosion..
No way girl, it can't be a bomb, not on the day I'm there.. theses things happen to other people and on Tv or in the news.. But it was a bomb.. I was scared, not only was it the first time in my life when a terrorist attack is so close but also the fact that in the very moment that I heard BOOOM, someone died killing and wounding others with him.. (No one else died, but until that moment we didn't know anything really)In that particular moment, people were suffering and tourists were horrified, Peace was disturbed everywhere.. and in my heart as well...
When I got home mom was so happy that we came back safe, I still can't believe I was that close to the incident, I was supposed to take my car that day, it would've been parked even closer to the explosion site.
That night, I wanted so much to celebrate life, anything could've happened that day but I'm still here. I was so thankful to God, feeling like I've been given a new life. I guess this means I should take steps forward in my life, life is short isn't it?? And who knows what's next .. It just crossed my mind to ask you all: Is the world such a dangerous place?? Anyway I tend to forget that and move on!