April 2005

A lot of things in my head …

I've had like a thousand ideas (may be less!) that I wanted to share with on the blog and every time I want to write about something, another disaster comes up... A lot happened during the past 2 weeks.. not to me on a personal level but to the world around me and I've been deeply touched by that and so I remained speechless..
The pope I loved so much died.. to say the I thought he was relieved from a long period of suffering that he went through.. I thought then that "An angel went back to heaven" _I'm free to think as I want and I was shocked to find out what some people about him.. I wanted to write lots of stuff .. but I remained speechless..
Then a bomb exploded in Cairo on a motorcycle.. it hurt me so much, people are going nuts.. that's the only logical explanation to what's going on in the world.. and we got our share of the madness, I still wanted to write a lot but I remained speechless too..
Then Prince Charles married his "long time love".. I hated what I saw and heard on TV and I still prefer to remain silent..
You see, I still have a brain that functions (and this hurts sometimes) but for the moment I'm in a state of shock and I prefer not to comment