February 2005

Friendly help… (a very stupid post!)

Ok.. I know this is stupid.. I just love him!


He pops up from the middle of nowhere during a dull and boring office assignment and makes up my day.. He just bangs my screen and he makes me laugh as if he was real.. I don't really use his help, but he's quite entertaining, don't you think he's absolutely Microsoft's best invention??

What do you think it might be??


An alien? a spacecraft? a drop in the occean of light? a sea creature? a photoshop effect? or something else??
Tell me what you think..

Man in a pit …

Man in a pit

That's how I was feeling yesterday, my thoughts were paralysed and it was soooo dark in there!
This is the first thing I draw in months, I'd like to hear your opinion.

Nice people of Egypt

nice people

I was taking photos around the Sakakini Palace which is located in the Sakakini square when I saw some cute rabbits, the merchant was very sweet, he encouraged me to take photos of them and he wanted me to take a picture of him, so he grabbed 2 rabbits by their ears and he posed, then this nice woman and the kid too wanted to be photographed with the rabbits they sell.
I liked their simplicity and their friendly way.. Most of the days I'm discouraged by people's behaviour, I usually think that people aren't nice and they never stop surprising me by pulling out some friendly acts ...

A must see .. Bab el Shams .. Door to the Sun .. La Porte du Soleil

bab el shams

يبكي و يضحك لا حزناً و لا فرحاً

كعاشق خط سطراً في الهوى و محاه
قلب تمرس في اللذات و هو فتى
كبرعم لمسته الريح فانفتح


يبكي و يضحك
أغنية فيلم باب الشمس
كلمات الأخطل الصغير

Sakakini Palace..

Built by Habib Sakakini in 1897 ...

I've lived my entire life around this fabulous palace..


and I didn't really like living in that neighbourhood because I saw it was very popular (sha3by ya3ni) and the media and films reinforced that idea too..
I always knew it was a unique piece of art, only I never really got close until last week.


Before it was to me "Sakakini pacha's Palace", but now it is Habib Sakakini's Palace. It is unique because unique people lived there, I know now that I live in a beautiful place that has a lot of history.
Believe it or not, I asked my father many times as a child and I still do to buy me that palace so that we could restore it and live there, however he still says we can't afford it.. too bad, isn't it??

Beautiful view from an ugly bridge..

On my way home, I pass on this ugly bridge on which the metro station is located.

ugly bridge

The sunset is usually very beautiful from the top of that bridge.
Isn't it weird how something so beautiful can be spotted from a very unattractive location?? I'm so glad I took the time to stop and watch..

One face …. too many masks..

But aren't we all like that??


Who am I truely?? Who are you??
I was so cheerful yesterday, I'm so depressed this morning, I might be grumpy this evening and I might not be...
I was so friendly last week, I'm very hostile this week, I can promise nothing for the days to come..
Am I a nice person as I think I am, or may be am I actually an evil person and I've lived my entire life thinking I was one of the good ones..
Do you know me?? Cause I don't know myself...