November 2004


I've always wondered what happened after 'THE END" Whether it's a fairytale, a movie or whatever…

For example in "Cinderella" , after she gets back from the honeymoon they live happily and then on the following summer, she takes her step mom and stepsisters with her on a trip to Alexandria. She had such a good heart Cinderella, after all what they did to her, she would still take them (Now that she's a princess and rich) to spend the summer by the seaside. So, according to my childish imagination, they had a life to live after "THE END"

I don't believe in "Happy ends"... may be because there is no end...

Every happy end is actually a happy beginning of something else or may be the unfortunate start of a disaster (after all, the love story that was crowned with marriage could always end with divorce, dullness or even murder…)

My point is … there is no end; it's always a new beginning.

The only visible end is death which in its turn is the beginning of Eternity which has no end!

So … "THE END" does not exist, nothing is ever over. It's always a new beginning and we "mortals" live forever!

Me in the clouds..

Taken at the corniche in Alexandria in Bahary Posted by Hello

"L'heure la plus sombre est celle qui vient juste avant le lever du soleil"

L'Alchimiste - Paulo Coelho