October 2004

لست أدري

كـل يـوم لي شـأن، كـل حين لي شـــعور

هل أنا اليوم أنا منذ ليـال و شـهور
أم أنا عند غروب الشمس غيري في البكور
كلمـا سـاءلت نفســي جـاوبتنـي ؟
لســت أدري!
إيليا أبو ماضي


Freedom is a tree, she has wings, her head is a sun and her roots are deep in the earth. Posted by Hello

Against every “logic”

I took my decision,
I had to stop being depressed
I had to stop not being able to wake up every morning
I had to stop being someone else
I had to stop doing something that I wasn't made for
I quit my job.
Everyone said it was secure
Everyone said I shouldn't give it up before finding another one
Everyone said that I was going to regret it in the future
Everyone said I was unreasonable
And I stood up against everyone
Against every logic
Every logic that is not mine.
I only want to find myself
I only want to fly in the highest sky
I only want to fulfill the reason of my existence
I'm not a chick; I'm not supposed to live in the barn nor to eat the crumbs
I'm an eagle who is meant to live on the top of a mountain and hunt his daily bread
I only wish to fulfill my destiny

Feet on the beach

Feet on the beach Posted by Hello