I’m about to burst!

Tue, 06/28/2005 - 11:52

I just discovered that "I'm surrounded by idiots!"
I think I'll burst..
I can't imagine.. These people.. so passive.. living in their little worlds and calling those who have a goal in life .. donkeys..
I can't take it anymore.. these narrow minded people .. who think they are the best thinkers.. who think they are living their best lives .. who actually think they are better than others.. when believe me they really aren't.. I know them!
Rabena yeshfy!! (May God heals them)


  1. Fady W (not verified) Says:

    hello shamoussa
    u know when christopher colombus started his dream ... he was concidered as idiot ( donkey !!)
    but he just kept going...
    he reached the new land
    and all others just died and were burried as real donkies

  2. Fredo (not verified) Says:

    Just another reason why I left the continent! Don't let them dishearten you...

  3. THE FLYINGBOY (not verified) Says:

    Focus on your goal and if you are sure of yourself and your goal. Don't give a damn for those people ,one day you will reach your goal and then they will know that they were the idiots. Trust me at that moment you will glow like a star and they will be like dull candles
    It doesn't matter what people think about you, what really matters what do you think about yourself

  4. Shamoussa (not verified) Says:

    Thank you Flying Boy.. you made my day!