Back in the days!!

Sat, 06/25/2005 - 00:07

Especially for Delingo as I promised..


That was a really special event, OK, it was Inji's birthday and we were in Sharm El Sheikh and we got an ice cream cake then a clever girl got the idea of sprinkling the foam (from the cake's packaging) and pretend it was snow.. I sure must say it was fun.. but we had quite a hard time getting rid of the foam pieces stuck in our hair.. it was hilarious!


  1. Muhammad Aladdin (not verified) Says:

    which one is ya?!

  2. Shamoussa (not verified) Says:

    ok.. I'm the shortest of them all.. the first one to the right.. mabsout keda.. and I didn't want to post any pics of me on the blog!

  3. Ema-kun (not verified) Says:

    It's so cool to read such a good wirted blogs like yours... is just makes me add you as a link in my favourites!!!

    Kisses and thanks for visiting my blog too!!

    C-you, Ema-kun...

  4. Muhammad Aladdin (not verified) Says:

    Yep! am really Mabsout! :P

  5. Delingooo (not verified) Says:

    I tried to think of which photo you are gonna post and I was delighted to see this one as it made me laugh once I saw it. Waw!!!! If only those days would come back.