Live Concert!

Tue, 03/22/2005 - 07:54


So, I went to Rachid Taha's concert with my sister and a good friend of ours (Thank you Mina for the ride :) ) Well, I must admit I hardly understood what he was singing or even saying, but I enjoyed the mood so much, the beat and the people dancing, singing and screaming. I know that if I had bought his last album I would've enjoyed it more, I know I enjoyed a lot singing along the songs I have on the album "Diwan"


Apart from the concert which I wouldn't go describing now, I just wanted to comment on a couple of things..

There was a group of Algerian youth in front of us, they were so excited and they started singing even before Rachid came on stage, I was told that one of these guys is a Raï singer who performs with a group in Sakkia, may be.. Anyway.. right after the concert started, they were popping up the Algerian flag, and they kept holding it and waving all along during the concert, I can't hide that I felt jealous, me too I wished I had the Egyptian flag, may be some day I'll be in some foreign place attending a Mohamed Mounir concert.. I hope I won't forget to bring my flag then.


Apart form the flag and that our friend Mina was so nice to give us a ride back home (even though he lives in the other end of Cairo) I wanted to share with you what Rachid's music means to me. This man sings a combination of rock, raï and chaabi music and God knows what else.. He sings a lot of politic issues, he has a wide audience and I don't get most of what he says but I still love him! You see it started when I was in my third year in faculty and "Abdel Kader" and the "1,2,3, soleil" concert were a blast then.. Every term, I had a theme song or a singer I'd listen to all the time, thus marking the episode unintentionally! I passed through a Celine Dion phase first year, second year, it was Aqua and the Titanic movie soundtrack, third year: Nana "let it rain, in my brain, make the pain go away!" and then Abdel Kader and Rachid's album "Diwan"

I guess studying all that amount was painful and lots of musicians helped ease that pain, thank you!

I forgot to tell you.. all that music listening while studying was usually because I'm a night creature, I work (and concentrate) best in the early morning hours !


Delingo, you must remember: "Abdel Kader ya bou 3alam, dak el 7al 3aleya, dawy 7ali ya bou 3alam, sidi rouf 3aleya!" those were some days!


  1. Delingooo (not verified) Says:

    Of course I do!!! You know what? I was having a chat with flying boy yesterday and it was a blast of old memories, which amazes me how small and minor things stick into our brains and never leave. But I guess the reason we remember is because we are far away from it, in a different place or a different environment and that is why we tend to keep looking back at it!!!

  2. Shamoussa (not verified) Says:

    We remember the small things because they mean a lot to us. I remember the first year we had the same shoes form Lotfy, I remember koshary el sabah and sobia, all those Cognosy sections where we saw nothing under those old microscopes, Sarah teaching me the lyrics to kamanana, and dipping french fries in sundae.. and "wa7ed, etnein, talata we noss!"
    you see, I'm not far away, but I still remember the tiny things.. As the song says .. "those were the best days of my life.."

  3. rayhane najib (not verified) Says:

    لقد حضرت لحفل لرشيد طه في المغرب قبل حوالي شهرين كان الحفل أكثر من رائع
    ما يثير استغرابي هو القدرة العجيبة التي يشعل بها الحماس في القاعة فترى الكل يتمايل مع اغانيه

  4. Gasser Shams (not verified) Says:

    tab mashemetoush ree7et el bango ely kanet malya el makan!!!! specially in the back left corner of the audiences...

  5. Anonymous (not verified) Says:


    Ok, I hope you won't misunderstand this comment, however, I thought that girls like you have died out long ago, and that girls who would go to a concert, feel a change in their mood and still think of the music and what it meant went extent some years back, to be precise, by the end of the 90's. Please, do not change.

    Yours sincerely

    The Gweilo

  6. Shamoussa (not verified) Says:

    Thank you Gweilo, and I thought too that guys who appreciated girls who had any traces of brain were extinct too!